Tuesday, March 29, 2005

New look blog and stuff

I have given the blog a quick facelift, mainly because I am almost permanently bored at work and secondly when displaying big pictures the borders and sidebar would get all messed up.

Now I could have sorted it out by I am a)lazy and b)rubbish at HTML, so I just changed the template.

Back to Cardiff this weekend for "seeing the folks post marriage" thing.
Banged out a pretty quick 32 mile roadride on the saturday with my (newly beared)bro, shame Pat was dying during the last 5 miles. 2 Magically loosening spokes though, which is starting to get beyond a joke really as thats 4 that have come loose in about 200 miles. Believe it or not Riding on the road is easier in South Wales than Leicestershire, I think its a rhythm thing despite the steeper gradients.

The rest of the weekend was then spent with the parental units, eating BBQ at Claire's Dads and going for a walk with my lot.

Yesterday was spent swearing at badly designed Gas barbeque while I built it and visiting the cathedrals of commerce that are B&Q and Tesco.

This month I have been mostly been listening to:
1)Various Jack Johnson tracks
2)Deliverance by Corrosion of Conformity
3)Deliverance by Bubba Sparxxx (its odd but entirely concidental that two of the albums I have been listening to have the same name.)
4)Senor Smoke by Electric Six
5)Who Cares A Lot by Faith No More (Greatest Hits)

except when I have had the iPod or iTunes on Random.

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