Tuesday, April 05, 2005

BBQ + Bike + Beer = Happy days

This last weekend we hosted our first BBQ at Casa Del Lees. It all went swimmingly but blimey gas BBQ's are fricken viscous, on full power it can turn a sausage...
From Raw to Charcoal in 10.2 secs!
Prior to BBQ o'clock, myself, DaveL and DaveG, headed over to the woods for some wiggly singletrack action and it was cool to see DaveL do the big bombhole for the first time, even if he kinda did it by mistake without thinking. Nice progression from that man with a branch of Dixons for handlebars. DaveG refused to do the big bombhole and then did the little bombhole after much coaxing. He did it in fine style though but was a touch near to the tree on exit and then proceeded to stand a top the roll in and look at it for 10 minutes, while being "encouraged" by myself and and DaveL. In the end he bottled in, which was a shame but I'm sure he'll nail it next time. Maybe. My rear wheel held up OK too after the 2 puncture, broken spoke 'mare of last thursdays nightride.

After the ride, much grilled meat was consumed, half a farmyard in fact. I might have had a few beers too.

Last I did a very wet and very windy 20 mile ride on the roadbike which was not entirely unpleasant but not far off.
Tonight is nightride night, woo yay!

This weekend the Leicestershire BAPS contingent have a weekend in Welsh Wales (I seem to be spending most weekends there at the moment).
We'll be riding and drinking in Nant-y-Arian and Machynlleth. Woo yay indeed.

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