Monday, February 28, 2005

Snow and new Road Bikes

Last week saw a fair bit of snow in the East Mids so myself and Mike Barone and Lex had a distinctly white and crunchy addition to our Tuesday nightride. Blatting down some singletrack with snow crunching under your tyres and snow being whipped into your eyes making it hard to see is one of the most fun things you can do on a bike.

Last Thursday I went to pick up the Road bikes Claire and I had ordered. I have a nice matt silver Specialized Allez and Claire has a very bling red Specialized Dolce. Both come with nice Alu fames, a Carbon Fibre fork, basic but perfectly good shimano gearing wheels and brakes. Claire's comes with a very fancy Carbon Fibre seatpin too, which should help her back a bit.

We took them for their maiden voyage on Saturday morning and we both found them a little odd after riding mountain bikes for so long. But by the end of the 12 mile ride they felt just about natural.
On Sunday I headed out with Andrew for a longer ride and we covered 35miles and I nipped out tonight for a quick 50 minute ride, you certainly can cover ground quickly as I did nearly 14miles in that time and had a 16.75mph average speed (the wonders of technology.)

I reckon mine is really going to help me get in shape but I really hope it warms up soon as I really need to wear my gloves with padded palms as my hands are a tad sore...

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andy said...

hmm, I want a road bike again now. It takes ages to get used to having blisters after hanging on the bars in a different way but worth it.

Make sure you wear the baggies and wave at all the 'proper' roadies... :-)