Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Lots of Biking ahoy!

Its November, its getting dark at about 3pm, its starting to get really quite cold (even though I'm still riding in 3/4 length shorts), most normal and sane people are tucked up in their houses with the heating on, a cup of tea and the Eastenders omnibus, however Claire and I are on a Sunday afternoon spin around the local trail son our Singlespeeds. The trails are dry for the most part and are covered with about 4 inches of leaves, making it really quite hard to tell where the rocks, mud and other hidden "gems" are. Nearly three hours of riding on a Sunday afternoon with not a cross word or a withering glance from the assembled red socks, horsey types and dog walkers. Not bad at all. The weather even played ball too with blues skies and sunshine all round. I wonder if Claire would have been so keen if it had been 5 degrees Celsius and raining...

Next weekend we are heading down to Cardiff for a weekend with the various parental units. Seeing as we are taking the Friday off I can ride on one of the days, so a trip to Afan Argoed is planned for a bit of Singletrack loveliness. Hopefully I can hook up with Pat the Fro Bro and the weather will behave.
The Singletrack magazine lot are down there too so maybe we can hook up with them too.

The weekend after its the Bandito trip to the Lake District, a weekend of riding, beer and crayons has been promised. By me.
Should be good though as we have camping barn booked. Might be a bit parky though.
If the weather stays good then I'm going to take out shares in Nutragrain Elevenses, if the weather takes a turn for the worse, which it will do on at least on of the trips I'm sure, I'm going to take out shares in Crudcatchers and sticky chain lube.

Add these trips to the usual Tuesday and Thursday night rides and its all looking pretty busy on the bike front.

And there is the small matter of moving house too.

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