Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Conservatives, Sore Throats and Crayons

I was well up for some Welsh riding last weekend. Shame I spent the preceeding week being ill. Oh well, its not like Afan won't be there forever. Ah, bugger!

Next weekend is the trip to the Lake District for a spot of riding. Darren our favourite geography teacher is coming so I'm taking him some crayons to leave littered amongst his kit. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

For some reason I started watching news night the other night, it was about Michael Howard,the leader of the Conservative party. One word. Mentalist. No policies, not even the first idea about how mount a vaguely serious opposition to the Labour party. Which is a shame, whilst I would never vote for the Conservatives, it would be nice to have an opposition party that would keep the Labour party honest, especially when they seem to be coming up with policies direct from the "George W. Bush book of policies for paranoid neo-conservatives". ID cards anybody?

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