Monday, August 09, 2004

SiTS next weekend - eeek!

SiTS just 5 days away now!

Did my final “training ride” (I would claim I don’t train, just go out for rides) on Friday afternoon in the heat. 48km in 2 hours 30 mins, really quite pleased with that as I felt pretty fresh and could have gone on for quite a bit more.

Then on Saturday we did a nice gentle ride at Cannock taking in a couple of Café stops and some nice dusty singletrack. This week is going to be all about just tapering down and resting the legs before SiTS and making sure the 101 things that need doing before the weekend get done.

I think Claire is more excited about the weekend than I am as she will just be hanging out with friends and drinking.
The weather forecast is looking decidedly shonky with rain forecasted for the weekend. Its 5 days away and the weathermen never know whats going on. I'm hoping for sunny spells as it was too hot this weekend.

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