Wednesday, August 18, 2004

SiTS in a bit tiring shocker

SiTS wen't well all things considered (ie lack of training, bit rubbish lights).

We arrived on the Friday night and set up camp with the Bandito Allstars and general eating and cider fueled merryment ensued with a trip down to the Singletrack tent to say hello to everyone.

The morning dawned and I ate as much as I could and got some caffeine and water inside me.

Quick nip down to the event village to get registered and to pick up my new jersey.

I did a first stint between 2pm and about 6.30pm, the first lap was slow due to the bunching of riders at pinch points on the singletrack.
The second lap was the best of the first stint with less riders so no queuing
Third lap started to cramp.
Fourth cramped some more. Time for tea.

By this point, the course had turned from being wet on 20% of it to muddy on most of the bits in the woods which was most of it.

I went out and did a night lap at 10ish and ground my way around in about 2 hours.
Halfway round I crashed hard and laded on my hand/shoulder/head. Time for bed.

Up at 7 and filled myself with carbs and caffeine and flew round the sixth lap.
The next lap was similarly good if a bit slower as the dreaded cramp came back.
Eigth lap was a lurking lap with stops for chat with anyone who'd talk to me, and an hour at the campsite being fed and drinking cider (its a natural energy drink you know.)

At 2pm the hooter went off and we all charged down to the finish our laps.

We slowly packed up our stuff and headed back to Leicester with fellow soloist Rudi in tow, who is crashing with us between SiTS and SSWC2004.

Next stop Beerlin.

Photo's to follow.

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