Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Angry Dog Guy

Riding through a certain country park on a trail, I had a run in with Angry Dog Guy. Old guy, dogs weren't on lead.

Anyway, I was riding down the trail when I saw his dogs so I slowed right down, and continued towards him. At this point he shouts "STOP" and adopts the star jump/jumping jack pose. I come to a halt trying not laugh at his aerobic impression.

He's obviously abit on the angry side.
ADG: You shouldn't be riding here.

Dan: Well, your dogs should be on a lead.

ADG: No they shouldn't , you're on a footpath, you have to give way to my dogs.

Dan: I slowed down, I've never hit a dog in over 10 years cycling. Anyway shouldn't they be on a lead?

ADG: They shouldn't be on a lead, they have to be under control.

Dan: So how are you controlling them then?
I refrain from asking him if he's using mind control or Jedi tricks

ADG: I've been a dog handler for 30 years, and I know my dogs. It says down there on the sign they have to be under control.

Dan: Thats nice for you.
He's really starting to get wound up now

ADG: My car is in the car park its an old white Citroen AX
later inspection reveils it to have a "Dog is not just for Xmas, there should be some left over for Boxing Day day" sticker in the window.

ADG: I want you to read the sign and write a letter of apology and leave it on my car.

Dan: badly stifled laugh
would you really tell someone you have just shouted at what your car looks like? - seems like a bad idea to me

ADG: I come up here for peace and quiet and you've ruined it.
This was in a voice loud enought to be heard in Nottingham

Dan: So do I funnily enough, shame you've spoilt my evening.
he's getting really quite red in the face

ADG: But your on a footpath, you shouldn't be here.
times getting on now, and its getting dull to be honest

Dan: To be honest mate, i don't care if Bikes shouldn't be here or not.
he storms off up the trail

ADG: Thats just typical of people like you, you're an ignorant ****
I'll give you a clue it rhymes with hunt

Dan: Can you give me one good reason why bikes can't be in the park?

ADG: You cause erosion

Dan: I can give you several scientific studies that show that feet do more damage than bikes.
He walks off in a huff, his dogs having disappeared into the distance a long while ago while apparently under control.

Dan: Cheerio! Have Fun!

Absolutely hysterical. Now I know I that bikes shouldn't be ridden on footpaths but really what harm does it do?


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