Monday, July 04, 2005

Dragon Chase

It is Monday Morning and I am very very tired. There is however a good reason for this. Over the weekend myself and the assembled BAPS and Bandito hordes rode for Welshpool to Borth, ie pretty much the width of Wales.

Friday Night
Ian and I took the Swedish Gold Pimp Wagon to welshpool and got a our camping spot sorted early.
The Friday night was pretty uneventful apart from the communication issues with Mike resulted in a wild goose chase looking for a pub.
We fuelled up with a couple pints and Sousage in batter and chips from the chippy.

Saturday morning we broke camp and Ian and Mike went off to leave the Landy in Borth. Lex, Andrew and myself rode into Welshpool, hung around in the Bikeshop for a bit and then rode to Wayne and Jo's where the plan to meet Ian, Mike, Neil and Woja.
After waiting and faffing we eventually left at 13:30, a mere 3 hours behind schedule.
This is where it all gets a bit fuzzy but the riding involved:
1)riding bridleways that don't exist on the ground
2)crossing several barbed wire fences
3)bracken, lots and lots of braken
4)country lanes
5)steep hills
6)wind farms
7)sketchy blowouts on steep tarmac hills

We rolled into the pub in Dylife at 7:30ish and consumed a couple of pints (fluid replenishment obviously), had some really good stodgy food (mmm suet) and Mike and I were sexually assualted by a large over amourous canine. Luckily for Mike, he like me best, its surprising how fast you can run in bike shoes when you are being chased by a Labrador who's got the hots for you. That'll teach me to feed dogs chips.

After the pub we climbed one last hill and decended to our camping spot.
Tents and Bivvies were quickly assembled and after a couple of wee drams, everyone went to bed. The night passed quickly and I enjoyed a nice worm dry night in my tent and sleeping bag. Some of the other guys got either cold or wet but everyone got at least some sleep.

The midges were out in the morning so i ate breakfast in my new favourite tent (one of the best 25quid I have ever spent, after eating and getting suitably attired and coating various areas of my body with various substances, there was water filtering, packing up and general sorting of stuff.
Today the riding was a bit easier going but still hard graft including:
2)River crossings
3)N-y-A trail (a bit of)

We hit the beach in Borth almost exactly 24hours after leaving Welshpool and after a quick photo session headed for the nearest chippy.
In the time it took for me to go to the loo, drop off an enormo-turd and come back, the lads had managed to 7 bikes and a variety of other stuff in the back of a landrover.
Lex, Andrew, Woja and I were left to wait to get the train back to Welshpool. I passed the time by drinking beer on the seafront and helping Thai Girls with travel queries.

After what seemed like a very long train journey, we were met at the station and all that was left was a caffeine fuelled journey home in the Golden Pimp Wagon.

Fuels of choice for the weekend:
2)Anything with Suet in it.
4)Single Malt
5)Malt Loaf
6)Jelly Babies

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