Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rough Ride

it wasn't bad you know.

Saturday Night
Beer, Hijinks, Food from the chippy.

Sunday Morning
Rough looking people, trying to sort myself out for the ride in a body sense and a kit sense.

Good course, took it nice and easy to prevent myself dying on my arse. I rode around with Ian and it really does make a difference riding with someone. You remind each other to drink and eat.
Most of the course was on open moorland and the views were really nice.
74km with 6000ft of climbing.
The 2 last climbs were horrid though.
The weather wasn't bad, not too hot which was nice ( I still have reoccuring nightmares from Roughride 1).

Post Ride
Wet, sore back, falling asleep on way home (its OK I wasn't driving), bumped into Mike from Dialled Bikes and Elliott from ET in the services on the M42 which was nice.

All in all a pretty good weekend and our temporary dog Peggy didn't try to eat too many people.

Pictures here and here

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