Thursday, December 16, 2004

Busy, you want busy? [warning MLEH content]

Been a busy couple of weeks since the Lakes trip.

We have moved house, again, this time from a very pockey flat with a garage to a 3 bed semi with a shed and 3 toilets. Not quite sure what we are going to with 3 loo's as there are only 2 of us. One each and one for guests.
The house is gradually looking like a proper house as things are getting unpacked and furniture is being rebuild.
Last weekend we had a visit from our good friend Lou, its always good to see Lou, but the likelyhood is you'll hear her before you see her.
On the Sunday, myself, Mr Cain and Mr Lloyd headed out for a Sunday cafe ride and a good time was had by all. Neil and I rode our strange singlespeed bikes and Dave rode his geared armchair. But we are working on Dave, we will turn him bwa ha ha ha!

Talking of daft bikes with just the one gear. Myself and Mike are (dis)organising the inaugral East Midlands Singlespeed Mountain Bike Champs.
To be honest its an excuse to go for a big group ride and drink beer. There will not be a race or owt. But there will be challenge(s) to decide the champ.
More details here!

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