Monday, October 11, 2004

Long Mynge

Top ride out at Long Mynd in Shropshire.
Lots of nice singletrack, rocky bits, up bits, down bits, sheltered bits, wet bits, dusty(!) bits and windy bits.

We did (according to Mike Barone):
out to All Stretton and up to pole bank, the along to Minton Batch, back up the fireroad through the FC bit, across the runway, down the chute, along to the Medlicot climb, then back down Lex's (sooper sweet secret) singletrack to All Stretton.

Really getting used to riding the Prince Albert and am starting to get the best out of it.

Lex brought along his funky new Cove G-Spot, 40lbs of Canadian Core-ness. Looks like a pain in the ass on climbs though.

Pics to follow as per bloody usual.


Oh look there are now pics!

Lex thinks his new bike is Wheelie good! I'll get me coat.

Nice Scenery

mmm Mathery

more Mather action

Canadian Core-ness

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