Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Busy couple of weeks...

Blimey Charlie its been a busy couple of weeks. Not only have Claire and I's bosses been away, there has been a flurry of bike building going on.

Claire decided she wanted a nice new frame and a On-one Inbred ( was duly ordered and delivered in about 24hrs by Brant. We wasted little time in getting it built up and Claire is well chuffed with it.
Compared to her old Specialized Hardrock its kind of long in the top tube but its seems to suit her well and she is riding faster than ever.
Once Claire made sure the Inbred was for her, we flogged the old frame to our mate Mike, who promptly built his girlfriend Jude a bike. Another rider comes into the fold.

Last Thursday my new frame turned up after a lengthy wait and much deliberation over colours and second choices of colours etc etc. My new frame is a Dialled Bikes Prince Albert, yay! A bike named after a intimate piercing! Its a lovely red colour and was built up mainly with bits from my old Marin Wolf Ridge which I will now try to flog as its cluttering up the garage.

Once built, it was straight out for a ride with Mike and the new bike was a bit of a revelation. Firstly it felt very short in comparison to my old Marin and my Specialized Stumpjumper Singlespeed. Once I had tweaked the saddle and stem position a bit it felt a bit more natural but still short. However after a while I got used to the position and was rewarded with a very stable very fast bike that just begs you to throw it into corners fast and dares you to try different line choices.

I am very very pleased.

Mike and Jude also threw a BBQ this weekend and much drunkeness ensued, someone fell asleep at 930pm (ahem), but I soon got my mojo back.

Its looking like another even more hectic couple of weeks with SiTS (24hr MTB race) in a week and a half, followed by the Singlespeed World Champs in Beerlin the following weekend. And we have an American crashing at ours in between the two events. The guy is called Rudi and he rides a fixed wheel offroad - strange lad. ;0)

We are then off to Canada about 3 weeks after that - phew.

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